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Come fishing in Extremadura, the paradise of predators

Who are we?

My name is Stéphane LANGLAIS, I am a Breton, came to settle in Extremadura in 2014. A few launches later, in 2018, we created with my companion Cristina, our fishing guide company.


During my life as a fisherman, I had the opportunity to practice different fishing techniques in different biotopes. From coarse fishing in the Ille et Rance canal around Rennes, to Cristivomers from Canada, through fabulous Carp and Black-Bass fishing during my studies in Montpellier and now, I practice lure fishing. for several years on the Iberian lakes.

In 2011, I obtained the diploma of Fishing Guide Monitor at the CFPA in Caulnes (22). After several fishing trips to Extremadura in the years 2010/2013, I settled on the shores of Lake Cijara. In 2018, the company Pêche Cijara was created.

Our goal is to prepare you a fishing trip in the best conditions, with expertise in fishing and fishing techniques.

Bass Boat/ Mercury/ Black Bass
Sandre/ Bass Boat/ Cijara
Black Bass/ Pêche/ Cijara

Poblado de Cijara

We are based in the heart of theSpain  from the great lakes 2 hours southeast of Madrid


Take contacts  with us so that we can organize a fishing trip together. 

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