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brochet garcia sola


Pike is well represented on the Lake including the presence of very large individuals reaching record sizes. His fishing occurs throughout the year with hard bait or lures souples.Winter is conducive to numerous catches of pike, while the summer offers opportunities to capture a giant.

achigan cijara

The population of Black-Bass lake is well represented with many individuals with an average weight of 1.5 kg, fish between 2 kg and 2.5 kg and some specimens reaching 3 kg. The periods conducive to Bass fishing fall from April to December. Stickbait, jigs, Texas ....., all techniques are possible.


Zanders have started to colonize the Guadiana lakes for a few decades. Since, their number and size only increase from one season to another. At the moment, the largest specimens of Lucioperca reach 90 cm.



The Barbel Comizo is one of the greatest representative of his family, some specimens exceed the 20 kg bar. Here it is very well represented, with fish reaching average weight of 4 kg. The bite of a Barbeau and Combat ensuing always leave a lasting memory, in fact, the power and speed of the rushes is just mind blowing for a freshwater fish.

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